There are mainly three classes of coaches in a flight – economy class, business class and first class. While first class is the most expensive and the most luxurious, business class and economy class are relatively less expensive and a little less luxurious. However, business class is superior to economy class, is more expensive and provides more comfort and advantages than the economy coaches.

The difference between economy and business class lies primarily in the amenities and advantages they provide. However, the difference between these two classes may vary depending on the particular airline you are choosing. However, generally you can expect to find better amenities, more legroom, and comfortable recliner seats and so on in business classes. These are generally missing in the economy classes of most airlines. The prices may be higher for business class tickets but when you are flying long distances and it is a really long flight, traveling business class would be a lot more comfortable than economy class.

You will get to notice the benefits of business class even before you board the flight. Many airlines would allow you in the airport business lounges. These lounges are a lot less crowded and a lot more comfortable than most of the general lounges. Some of the amenities that are offered include things like wireless computer access, table services and even a bar.

Space is another reason that makes business classes the ideal choice for many travelers. Economy classes are generally extremely crowded. There is seat space of only 31 inches and you don’t even get much legroom. Business class, on the other hand, offers you 39 inches of seat spaces and more leg space. Therefore, business class seats provide you a comfortable flying experience. You also get extra amenities such as a table, better food, and laptop connections and so on.